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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

1. Responsibility:
Purchaser acknowledges that Historia Cruise Line does not own, control, maintain or supervise any airlines, air carriers, motor coaches, taxis, ground carriers, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, sightseeing tours, or other transportation, facilities products, activities or services provided pursuant to this Voucher, nor their providers or employees. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that each such provider is an independent contractor who is not and shall not be deemed an agent of Historia Cruise Line and that Historia Cruise Line makes no warranty or other representation regarding the suitability or safety of such providers or their conveyances, activities, facilities, products or services. All personal property and personal effects shall be at "owner's risk" at all times, and Historia Cruise Line shall not be responsible for any such property or personal effects. Purchasers are cautioned against the risk of leaving personal articles in their hotel rooms or on conveyances. Historia Cruise Line does not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any items or personal effects lost or damaged during any activity. Lastly, in arranging for the transportation of passengers, excursions, hotels, accommodations, food, lodging or any other activities, facilities, products or services provided in connection with this Voucher, Historia Cruise Line does so only as a convenience to the Purchaser and Purchaser hereby acknowledges and agrees that Historia Cruise Line shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, damage, injury, death or any other claim whatsoever.
2. Prices:
Prices for this Ground package include full board in addition to water and hot drinks. Incidental services including: laundry, room service, mini bar, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks , spa, shops, medical and any other services outside the booked package are not included in the price. Prices are quoted in Egyptian Pounds including all taxes and applicable charges, no hidden fees included. Prices are subject to change without notice. 
3. Payment:
  • None refundable 50% of the total amount of payment will be charged on the spot at the time of booking.
  • Rest of the payment is due 90 days before the embarkation date.
4. Cancellations:
  • Reservations cancelled 90 days or more prior to arrival – 50% Cancellation fees.
  • Reservations cancelled 89-30 days prior to arrival – 75 % Cancellation fees.
  • Reservations cancelled 29 days or less prior to arrival – 100 % Cancellation fees.

In case the booking is within  the next 3 months or less, we will charge the full amount at once and will keep the below cancellation policy:

  •  Reservations cancelled 89-30 days  prior to arrival – 75 % Cancellation fees.
  • Reservations cancelled 29 days or less  prior to arrival – 100 % Cancellation fees.
In the event of strikes, lockouts, civil disturbances, weather, or any other reason beyond its control, or in the interests of the safety and/or comfort of Purchaser or others, Historia Cruise Line may, at its sole discretion, cancel any services provided hereunder and may, but is not obligated to, offer substitute hotels or services and shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever to purchaser by reason of such cancellation or substitution.
5. Children Policy:
  • First child under 4 years of age sharing same parents' cabin will be free of charge. 
  • In case of one child from ages 4-12, will be available only in Historia Suites sharing parents. 
  • Two children under 12 years of age, and two adults will be accommodated in two cabins and charged as one double and one single cabin rate.
  • Children 12 years of age and over will be charged the full fare.
6. Enforceability: 
Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the terms and conditions contained herein are contractual and binding and not a mere recital and by acceptance of these conditions, purchaser agrees to its terms and conditions.
7. Security and Non-confidentiality:
Electronic transmissions of data including the Internet are public media and any use of such media is public not private. Information related to or arising from such use is either public or the property of those collecting the information and not personal or private information.