HISTORIA Boutique Hotel Nile Cruise , Sail Through Time


<strong>THE STORY</strong>


Over 7000 years ago, the Egyptian civilization used the word Seneb, which means (being healthy) or (to be healthy).

And so, our exclusive Seneb Spa will help you rejuvenate, creating an uplifting experience that guarantees a serene and unforgettable trip. 

Enjoy, relax and celebrate life with an extensive range of specialty treatments and services. Our dedicated therapists are on hand throughout the journey to provide you with a personalized experience that you will not forget. 

Soothe your mind and body, and unwind in this mesmerizing escape. Besides, have a glimpse of how our ancestors used the many elements of life to enhance their overall well-being. 


Escape to the Historia Fitness Center overlooking the River Nile. The 24-hour gym offers an inspiring view both morning and night. The gym features modern equipment.